Polish Academy of Universal Management researches enterprises and organizations of the future in the aspect of creative, socially responsible and self-governing activity of people in their work environments, and regularly organizes thematic international forums.

The International Forum of Universology is a continuation of the former International Forums for Universal Management, which popularize the universal interdisciplinary synthesis of sciences and present its importance for the development of entrepreneurship, economy, education, health promotion and life philosophy. As part of this popularization is festivals, workshops, scientific conferences, seminars, lectures, and round tables are organized. The following directions of innovation and research are also being developed:

  • forecasting of social, economic and global processes
  • promoting the social self-governments in various areas of their activity
  • universal management as improving the quality of life and creating leaders of the future
  • development of non-standard human thinking in the New Age
  • technologies of personal development – psychosystemology
  • universals of health - what can you do to be healthy?
  • modeling harmonious space of life and action

These projects are aimed at setting directions for the development of enterprises and organizations, increasing the level of their organizational culture, as well as enabling integration with their external stakeholders.

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