We invite you to take part in the 10th International Forum of Universology (continuation of the former International Forum of Universal Managing) and in accompanying events from 16 to 24 March 2019.

Within the framework of the 10th International Forum of Universology we invite you to:

Integration and Training Center at 20 Nowa Street in Lodz (Łódź) to:

  • Scientific conference: Universal System of the Life Quality (Friday – 22.03.2019)
  • Round table: Unity of the future world – are we ready for it? (Thursday – 21.03.2019)

„Slavvia” Territorial Self-government Center in Warszewice 47a to:

  • Seminar: Man’s destiny – the path to the future (Sunday-Wednesday – 17-20.03.2019)

The aim of the forum is to define new directions for the development of organizations and enterprises, raise the level of their organizational culture, and strengthen the integration between forum participants interested in directions of research and development of management systems and interdisciplinary synthesis of sciences.

The emergence of innovative products and services, increasing the quality of partnerskip, dynamic changes in the labor market, redefining existing business models – these are just some of the changes that are associated with the change of the era. During the forum, we will consider what are the success factors in the future world, what competencies should have the leaders of the future, and whether the future consumer will still be able to rule undivided?

The main topic of the meeting will be the Universal System of the Life Quality, developed by the Polish Academy of Universal Managing and implemented, among others, in company Laskomex. The special guest of the forum will be professor Vitaly A. Polakov – president of the International Scientific School of Universology, doctor honoris causa of the "Lviv Stavropigion" University (acting under the patronage of the International Center of UNESCO Programs Implementation), honorary member of the International Academy of Ecology and Safety of Life (affiliated with the United Nations Department of Public Information), author of the interdisciplinary synthesis of the sciences of Universology and creative inspirer of the evolutionary processes of social transformation related to their application.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in evening meetings, welcome the spring, sightseeing of Lodz and Warsaw, and visit to the theater or philharmonic (after prior notification of willingness to participate in the program).

It is also planned to publish a collection of scientific articles in the forum topics. Please confirm your participation, we hope for fruitful cooperation during the forum for the benefit for of us, our enterprises and organizations, our societies and states.

We encourage you to visit!


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