In order to submit your intention to participate in the International Forum of Universology or one of its events, please fill the form the link to which is located in the side panel. Please send the completed form in one of the following ways with the note "MFU":

  • by email to: zgloszenia@mfuk.eu
  • by fax: +48 42 671-88-88
  • by post: Polska Akademia Uniwersalnego Kierowania, ul. Nowa 20, 90-031 Łódź, POLAND


The International Forum on Universology is organized by the Polish Academy of Universal Management which is a non-profit organization. The costs of organizing the forum are covered, among others, by the good will of participants.

Therefore, please make donations to the bank account of the Academy: PKO BP SA I / O Łódź 13 1020 3352 0000 1202 0100 9620. This will enable us to organize further meetings, issue materials and promote the concept of universal management. In the title of the transfer, please enter: "Donation to PAUniK".

For detailed information, including donations, please contact the forum coordinators at the following telephone numbers:

  • +48 697 064 138 – Andrzej Paszkowski (coordinator)
  • +48 503 165 117 – Tatiana Chojnacka (strategist)


The number of forum participants is limited. Participation is decided in the order of applications received.